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Take Control of Your Asset Retirement Obligations

Automate the tracking, compliance, and journal entries related to asset retirement obligations with AROQuery


Stop chasing data in Excel spreadsheets and start managing your AROs and all supporting documents in one, centralized location.


Provide transparency across operations, accounting and finance. Track all AROs in one place to avoid missing important milestones with a complete and clear view of every ARO.


Easily generate accretion schedules and balanced journal entries with complete confidence.

Simplify ARO Accounting

Asset retirement obligation accounting is a complex process that, if done incorrectly, can lead to inaccurate journal entries, misconstrued financial data, and audit findings. AROQuery is the premiere Asset Retirement Obligation accounting tool tailored to serve the specific needs of capital intensive industries like oil and gas.

Backed by the expertise of a team of CPA-accredited accountants, we understand the intricacies of accounting under ASC 410. AROQuery eases ARO accounting across oil and gas, mining, manufacturing, retail, and more. For example, with AROQuery, oil and gas companies can quickly and effortlessly update their AROs based on their updated reserve reports and use current estimates to plug and abandon their oil and gas wells.

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AROQuery helps accurately account for AROs with its unmatched suite of features:

Detailed Accretion Schedules

CPA-tested and approved calculations backed by LeaseQuery expertise

Journal Entries

Ledger agnostic and exportable

Changes in Estimates

Automate accounting for revisions to estimated settlement values and timings

Document upload and management

Keep everything related to your AROs in one place


Effortlessly generate required disclosure reports for your AROs

Active Development

Many more great features coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know that my AROs will be fully ASC 410 compliant?

Our software has been thoroughly tested and approved by our accountants for financial accuracy and confident compliance.

What kind of reports are available?

We offer an ASC 410 compliant Reconciliation Breakout Disclosure Report that provides quantitative disclosures for your ARO portfolio and are adding more reports soon.

How much does AROQuery Cost?

One size does not fit all. Pricing for AROQuery is priced based on ARO count, so you only pay for what you need. Contact us for a quote.

How many users are included with access to AROQuery?

Unlimited users so cost doesn’t get in the way of collaboration.

Can I try AROQuery before I make a commitment to purchase?

Yes! There is a one-month free trial of AROQuery. Sign up for a demo to learn more!

Take control of your AROs now.